Art Journaling (5th-7th)

Teacher: Leah Hendershot

Description: Art journaling is a tactile combination of art and words. Art, in whichever form your child enjoys (paint, pencil, scrapbook, marker, pastel, ink, collage, stamping, etc.), is combined with writing/idea prompts. Not only is it a creative outlet, but it brings language arts and self-expression together.

We will work on a prompt for 2-3 classes or more, then move to the next. Students will be encouraged to share their work.

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to bring craft and art supplies from home so their books are individually unique. I will bring extra supplies but things such as various papers, paints, glitters, magazines & old books (to cut), beads, fabrics and anything you have in your art and craft supplies will make each book diverse. I will keep these supplies from week to week in individual bags.

If you are unfamiliar with art journaling, do a quick online search to see examples.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Book: Art journals WILL BE PROVIDED by the teacher.

Supplies: Permanent markers, white and stick glue, scissors, colored pencils, magazines, water colors or paints, brushes, any art materials they love.

Fee: $14