**CLOSED**Look Who’s Talking in Spanish 2 (7th-12th)

Teacher: Melissa Jagears

Description: In this class, students will read, act out, and translate Spanish stories. The story structures will be similar as we expand the stories with more vocabulary in order to cement what they’ve already learned and build meaningful, related vocabulary structures. Other material will be covered, such as pronunciation and verb conjugation as it fits the lessons.

***NOTE*** This class is meant to build upon itself every semester. I will continue to teach these Spanish students until the desire drops off. I cannot add new students into later semesters because the previous classes will be prerequisites.

Homework is necessary for this class since immersion and constant review in a language is necessary for language to stick. It will be NECESSARY for students to review what they’ve learned during the week prior to the next class so that precious class time isn’t taken up with reviewing. Most weeks, student homework will consist of a small list of vocabulary words to memorize since we will incorporate those words into the learning that will happen in the next class period, translating and writing out an easy short story containing the grammatical structures and vocabulary worked on in class, and/or questions in regards to the short translated text. Please set aside some school time to attend to Spanish homework/review.

Length: 16 weeks

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Prerequisites: Must have taken Look Who’s Talking Spanish I

Book: previously purchased book

Supplies: Paper, pencils, home internet/email usage and printer, Spanish Dictionary

Fees: $3