Creative Writing (5th-12th)

Teacher: Elizabeth Fisher

Description: This class is designed for serious creative writers who want practice writing short stories. It’s open to 5th-12th graders, but I strongly caution parents against putting younger kids in if they have trouble working quietly through the whole period (if they can’t work quietly, they will not be able to stay in the class) and if they do not enjoy writing or cannot type.

I will be doing some instructing, but much of each class period will be taken up by the students actually writing. They will be required to write a short story each week. Students will also be required to turn all their work in typed on computer paper. Required class supplies are a lined notebook, a pen, and two working pencils. If students have a laptop they would like to use during class time, they may use it instead of a notebook and pencils/pen.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: 4 or more hours

Book: None

Supplies: Lined notebook, 2 pencils, pen, laptop (optional)

Fees: $10