HS Chemistry- FIRST HOUR (9th-12th)

Teacher: Emily Jackson

Description: This is a 2 hour class. High school chemistry is designed for students who have completed Algebra I. The course will cover the fundamental aspects of chemistry such as the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical change/chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. Weaving together concepts and their mathematical applications, the course teaches students how to think as a chemist so they can analyze the major changes that occur in matter. Topics will be introduced and taught using pre-reading assignments, in-class activities, and laboratory experiences. Knowledge and skills taught will be reinforced through weekly assignments and assessed using quizzes, mid-term and final examinations.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 4 or more hours

Prerequisites: Algebra

Book & Manipulative Set: Text TBD (but likely Discovering Design with Chemistry)

Supplies: Calculator, Dedicated Binder w/ notebook paper, pencil

Fees: $50 (per student, per semester)