Public Speaking (9th-12th)

Teacher: Ashley Enns

Description: We are taking the fear and intimidation out of public speaking with a class of speech activities that will get students out of their chairs (and their comfort zones!) We will start with a “15 minutes of fame” game where students make a 30-90 second speech and the class guesses the purpose of the speech-best man, running for president, sales pitch? Then we will do a poetry slam and a debate unit. We will learn from the experts and from each other. We will learn how to use a slide show and speak at a conference. Material will be provided for brainstorming, drafting and revisions. Rubrics will be provided for grading and self-assessment. We will end with a very short speech at closing program!

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Homework: 1-2 hours

Book: none

Supplies: 3 ring binder with lined paper and pen.

Fee: $10