P.E. (K-3rd)

Teacher: Tanya Lange

Description: This class is designed to give students the opportunity to learn through a comprehensive Physical Education program. Students will learn to demonstrate the qualities of movement (space, time, force, flow, levels, directions, and pathways) as they perform a variety of fundamentals (running, hopping, skipping, jumping, leading, sliding, galloping, bending, twisting, turning, rocking, swaying, balancing, stretching, pushing, and pulling) skills.

Students will learn to manipulate objects with purposeful movement (throwing, catching, striking, kicking, bouncing, and rolling). Students will learn playground rules and safety for self and others. Participation will ensure success and is a requirement.

If your child is not able to par take in activities they will need to stay will need to stay with a guardian. Athletic shoes and name tags attached to clothes (not around neck) are also required.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Book: none

Supplies: Athletic shoes and attached name tag

Fees: $2