Postcard World Geography (3rd-8th)

Teacher: Paula Drennan

Description: Students will learn about world geography and culture by exchanging postcards with people around the world. Each student will have an account on to track received postcards and get addresses for recipients.

Homework is VERY IMPORTANT and EASY. Students must (1) bring received postcards to class, (2) write a message on outgoing postcards, (3) mail outgoing postcards within 2-3 days of receiving addresses in class. PARENTS, by registering your student for this class, you are agreeing to help make these 3 things happen. The last item of homework is also quick and easy, and it increases the value of the class: (4) complete a worksheet for each postcard received.

Previous students may repeat this class. New students will have priority if the class fills.

Postcards in the supply list will be pooled for everyone to select.

Note: It is possible for a student to use the teacher’s account instead of having their own. I discourage this because it limits the number postcards sent and received. Please contact teacher with questions or concerns.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Book: None

Supplies: 20 unused postcards, erasable ballpoint pen, scissors, clear tape.

Fees: $30