See it. Say it. Do it! – For Struggling Students (2nd-6th)

Teacher: Melissa Jagears


There’s more to vision than just good eyesight. Visualization is key–but sometimes it’s not naturally acquired.

If your student:
Has trouble following multi-step directions
Seems to erase the information from their head moments after you gave it to them
Finds reading boring – or resists reading
Has difficulty answering questions about what they just read
Has hit a wall academically
Seems smart in everything but school
Gets stressed over having to do school work
Talks negatively about their academic abilities, or lacks confidence

It may be that they’re struggling with visualization skills. Visualization is the ability to imagine, sense, become aware of, move, manipulate, and expand the pictures in your mind’s eye. Some kids see very clear, detailed images in their minds, others don’t. When they don’t, the information they are supposed to store in their brains may not stick, causing them to struggle in school.

Using the See it. Say it. Do it! model by vision therapist, Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein, we’ll work at relaxing away stress, envisioning success, and practicing using their mind’s eye to process information.

*This is not a substitute for vision therapy if needed.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: A compact pillow to use while lying on the floor, some type of colors

Fees: $5