Sign Club (1st-12th)

Teacher: Kim Devoll

Description: The Deaf Community is one of the most underserved communities in the world because, so few people learn sign language. Sadly, a large number of Deaf children are left out of conversations or never able to hear the word of God due to the lack of individuals who sign. My hope is to help close the communication gap by teaching basic ASL skills to anyone willing to participate. I wish to help others feel more comfortable communicating, participating, and offering help to those in the Deaf Community so they can build friendships to last a lifetime.
This club will be free of charge and offered at 11 a.m. on Mondays. For participants in grades 1st through 2ed grade, parent participation will be required!

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Prerequisites: none

Homework: none

Book: none

Supplies: pencil and paper

Fee: $0