Survivor Pre-Algebra: Expressions and Equations (6th-9th)

Teacher: Melissa Jagears

Description: A spin-off from the TV show, Survivor: Survivor: Pre-Algebra is a fun twist on collaborative learning.

This Survivor Season’s theme is Expressions and Equations.

Students will be placed into tribes to work through material during class together. They will take challenges individually to earn individual grades, but, through their tribe, they will be able to win bonus points, depending on the performance of their tribe.

At the end of the semester, prizes will be awarded to the “surviving” tribe, tribal MVP, and top scorer.

This class isn’t mainly about math, rather it’s about learning critical thinking and success skills.

Survivor: Pre-Algebra Workload:

• The Week Prior to Co-op: Students will be assigned to read through the material to be discussed on Monday from a self-teaching friendly text provided by me. They will need to attempt to work through a handful of related problems (5-10). Parents may answer questions if asked. Please do not teach them the lesson, though you may answer their questions or ask them leading questions. They need to “wrestle” with the assigned problems before class as best they’re able to be more attuned to what they need to glean from the “lecture.”

• Co-op Day: I’ll take questions on the previous week’s homework reading/problems. If students are completely lost and don’t know what to ask, I’ll give a mini-overview lecture of the topic. Then I’ll ask the students a math question or two to see if they can do some problems cold. After most are done (or stuck), I’ll talk the class through the problem. Then I’ll have them gather into tribes where they’ll work on problems together to boost their tribe’s survival capabilities. During tribal time, I’ll answer any questions they have as they work together to make sure their tribe comes out on top as “survivors.”

• Homework for the week: Before they leave, I’ll assign them an individual survivor challenge which will consist of (7-10) questions on the topic discussed in class. Parents/teammates/other people cannot help them with the survivor challenge (they will be disqualified from receiving prizes), but they can consult their text and class work/notes.

They will need to take a picture/scan their work and email me when finished (Make sure it’s legible). If they’re without the appropriate technology, they can email/leave their answers on my answering machine and bring their challenge to the next class to prove their work. The first tribe that has all its members send me their answers first with an average score of at least 70% will win bonus points.

They’ll also be assigned to read next week’s topic and (5-10) questions on the new topic to attempt on their own before class as early discussed.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: Sixth graders need to be competent/excelling math students (not struggling).

Homework: 2-3 hours

Book: None

Supplies: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, notebook or notebook paper, small 3 ring binder, non-scientific calculators (opt. but allowed)

Fees: $12