**CLOSED**Advanced Sewing (5th-12th)

Teacher: Jamie Miller

Description: NOTE: Students have the option to stay in this class for 3 hours. Please sign up for Sewing 1, 2 & 3 if you’d like to take all three hours.

This class is designed to create a fun atmosphere where students will be introduced to different sewing concepts. Our hope is that if they have fun in class they will have a desire to sew on their own after they have completed the class. We do not have any outside homework. All projects will be completed in class and are required to stay in class until completed, then will be taken home.

Students will work at different levels, but each level of ability will work with the same patterns. The projects are designed to teach a different sewing concept, and will get more advanced as they move along. 2nd semester and beyond students will advance to clothing and will make an easy skirt, shirt, and pants. Students that enroll over multiple semesters will continue making more complex apparel items, along with other projects as time permits. This class is intended for students who are ready to expand on what they have learned.  The projects to be made will take much longer than prior ones, and may even take the whole semester to finish.  The students will be introduced to new sewing concepts, such as collars, cuffs, zipper insertion, sewing button on with their machines along with button holes and twin needles.

The student will be required to read patterns and encouraged to understand them as they progress to the more difficult and advanced projects. The number of projects will be determined by the student’s pace, how long they will be in the classroom, at the speed at which they comprehend the skills being taught.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: Previous sewing experience is necessary. All patterns are available for use in class, but students will need to provide their own fabric and other supplies needed.

Book: none

Supplies: Each student will need to bring: sewing machine, fabric scissors, seam gauge and ripper, tape measure, straight pins, pin cushion, marking tools and fabric for projects. Depending on the project, additional items may be needed, but those will be disclosed when sewer gets to that specific project. We have extra sewing machines available upon request, you will need to reserve one when you enroll if you desire to use one for your student. The rental fee is $25 per semester. We are now allowing students that have a Serger to bring them to class with their sewing machine. They will need to take both home each week.

Fee: $9