Christian Heroes Newspaper (6th-8th)

Teacher: Leah Hendershot

Description: This is a year long class.

We will read the first 5 “Christian Heroes: Then and Now” books, discuss them and create a final newspaper (for each) highlighting interesting points and facts. We’ll cover 2-3 books per semester. (Gladys Aylward & Hudson Taylor will be our first two books.)

Heroes covered will be: Corrie ten Boom, Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, Nate Saint, and Gladys Aylward. (Books 1-5 can be purchased as a set at or individually. See supply list.)

For each book:

1. Outside of class: Read assigned chapters and take notes on interesting points and facts that were enjoyed.

2. In class: Discuss the chapter and notes. Decide which may be best to include in the final newspaper. Discuss and work on preliminary layout.

3. Final completion: One-page “newspaper” utilizing layout, grammar, historical accuracy and reporting skills.

Class Length: 12 weeks, year long

Prerequisites: Ability and willingness to read 4-5 short chapters each week and take a few notes on each chapter.

Homework: 1-2 hours

Book: Christian Heroes Book set 1-5

Supplies: Notebook, Ticonderoga pencil & pencil sharpener.

Christian Heroes Book set (or purchase individually, as needed): 

Fee: $10