Bible History: Have You Heard About the Word? (9th-12th)

Teacher: Kaye Obermeyer

Description: A long time ago, The One True God, Adonai, created! His Creation tells a story, and He captures that story in the most wonderful Book ever written, THE HOLY BIBLE, and He wrote It for us. There is much history in and around and about this Book that He knew we would need. In this class, we will search through this history, His Story for us and discover such things as how we got the Bible, God’s timeline for Biblical history, and how all the pieces of His Story fit together to lead us to salvation through His Son, and Eternal Life with Him.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Homework: 2-3 hours

Prerequisites: None

Book: Bible KJV

Supplies:Bible: KING JAMES VERSION, Journal, pencil

Fees: $30