Piano (3rd-12th)

Teacher: Chesley Jagears

Description: This class will teach beginners piano using the Piano Adventures series.

Two students per hour will be taught piano. One student will have a piano lesson while the other works on something quietly (drawing, knitting, reading, etc.), then the students will switch.

Students should practice at home daily to receive the full benefit of the class. Practice takes around 20 minutes a day, though more practice is encouraged.

Parents must purchase the Piano Adventure books. They will be contacted upon enrollment to determine which books. (Age level and piano experience will be taken into account, Piano level 3 (early intermediate) is where this class will stop). Each level has 3-4 books. They can be bought locally or online for about $7 each–used books are fine except for theory books.

*The teacher is Chesley Jagears, a junior in high school, who has had more than 5 years of piano. She wants to do this full-time when she graduates and has been encouraged by her current piano teacher to start now. At $5 a lesson, this is a steal of a deal for WWHM coop classes only. Chesley intends to offer piano class at WWHM next year. Current students will get preference for the next semester(s).

** The teacher holds the right to discontinue lessons with a student who won’t respect the other student’s lesson time during co-op piano class.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Homework: 2-3 hours

Prerequisites: none

Book: none

Supplies: Must have a piano at home for practice. One spiral notebook specifically reserved for piano class. Piano Adventures books.

Fee: $80