Let’s Make a Mess (1st-3rd)

Teacher: Rachael Weber

Description: Let’s Make A Mess, Finger paint, shaving cream and glue… Oh my!! Have you thrown tennis toss collages with paint, have you done slap painting, shaving cream, squirt bottle painting, lots of fun and a mess. This class will inspire your young artist to get messy and create a masterpiece at the same time.

Parents BEWARE have your kids in clothes they can ruin every week!! Will be done mostly out doors.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies: Wear clothes that can get dirty or something over the top of the clothes you have on.

Fees: $15

Bright Little Artists (1st-3rd)

Teacher: Leah Hendershot

Description: We’ll have fun creating bright and colorful pieces of art using many different mediums and techniques. Students will hone observation, sequencing & fine motor skills.

Each student will have a full and fun portfolio to take home at the end of the semester.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: Large Paint Shirt

Fee: $20

Intro to Photography (9th-12th)

Teacher: Sarah Struthers

Description: Each student must have their own digital camera with a couple memory cards. Preferably a DSLR camera. Class will be covering beginning photography. Including composition, editing, and printing. Each week the students will be assigned a photograph topic to capture. Then we will edit the pictures and make prints. The fee for the class includes a book on photography and cost of prints that the teacher will order.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Book: none

Supplies: Digital camera, 2 memory cards

Fee: $45

Watercolor (6th-8th)

Teacher: Rashelle Conkling

Description: We will learn and use basic watercolor techniques to create unique works of art. No experience necessary. All supplies will be provided.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Homework: None

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies: Pencil

Fee: $25