Enrollment Form

Student Enrollment Form

  • This is the Enrollment Form for WWHM which needs to be completed for each child separately. (If you are not yet a member you must first complete the New Family Membership Application and attend the new family orientation.) Before you begin you can download and print a copy of the class schedule (found on the Class Description page) and then review the class descriptions on the website. Early enrollment fees (per family) are $30 for one class, $40 for two classes, and $50 for three + during the enrollment period, after that it will increase by $5. After early enrollment ends any changes will result is the loss of $5 credit. See Calendar or Newsletter for dates. After you submit this form and receive the confirmation message you may click the WWHM logo at the top of the page to continue to a new form for the next child.
  • WWHM is able to offer its classes and programs for a reasonable price because it relies upon its volunteers. For every WWHM family, one parent or guardian is expected to volunteer one hour for each class hour children are enrolled up to four hours each week and dependent upon the number of hours the family is at WWHM each Monday. All volunteer positions are a weekly commitment for the entire semester. If the volunteer requirement is not fulfilled, there is a fee of $50 per hour for 1-3 hours and $100 per hour for 4th and/or 5th hours (follows the same terms as the volunteer time) for each hour of class time that is not fulfilled by volunteer service. If the fee is not paid, your family will be prohibited from enrolling at WWHM the following semester. You will be assigned a volunteer role, unless you have a special request for a certain time or specific teacher - in which case you must submit an Exception Request Form. Please know we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but it is not guaranteed.