Exploring Monopoly 2.0 (5th-12th)

Teacher: Jim Lindner

Description: Monopoly 2.0 is a more in-depth look into the topics learned from the 2023 Fall Semester Monopoly class. We will be exploring the game of Monopoly in many aspects. Monopoly is a fun game to learn, but has many life lessons to teach the players of the game. The students will not only learn to play the game of Monopoly, but learn about the following: Property, Mortgages & Amortization Schedule, Principal, Interest, Escrow Taxes and Insurance, Penalty, and Risk (what is to gain or lose).

Starting out we will learn the game of Monopoly and play Monopoly through the Semester. Then we will acquire an awareness of how Property, Mortgages, etc. apply to life lessons and the Risks involved. All will be taught in a fun atmosphere which each student will have a basic understanding of these concepts and how they apply to life.

January 29th: Introductions – Start Monopoly & Bankers – What they do

February 5th: Property & Location – What is it & Why do we want it

February 12th: Mortgages & Amortization Schedule

February 19th: Principal February 26th: Interest

March 4th: Escrow -Taxes & Insurance

March 11: SPRING BREAK ! (No Class)

March 18th: Amortization Schedule – Mortgages Terms pro’s & con’s

March 25th: Review – What have you learned and play Monopoly

April 1st: Penalty and Taxes (not related Mortgages)

April 8th: Risk – Gain vs Loss – What is it

April 15th: Risk – Gain vs Loss – How to apply Risk to buying property

April 22nd: Review Everything ( Last Day)

Homework: None

Prerequisites: 5th – 8th graders need to have taken the 2023 Fall Semester Monopoly class; 9th – 12th graders can take this class without taking the 2023 Fall Semester Monopoly Class

Book: None

Supplies: Pencil, at least 25 sheets of lined Paper (in a 3 ring binder), Crayons and/or Colored Pencils

Fees: $5

Financial IQ (9th-12th)

Teacher: Little Bear (David Schanbacher)

Description: Based off the Rich Dad Poor Dad books by Robert Kiyosaki to increase our knowledge of how money works, why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. To learn how the rich use their money and why. Learn the difference between liabilities and assets and how the financial system works for and against you. This is to increase your financial IQ to know what and when to ask the right questions.

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Supplies: Notebook, pencil and above book

Fees: $10