Beg. Spanish (1st-3rd)

Teacher: Kayla Wolfe

Description: A basic introduction to Spanish vocabulary. We will loosely follow the Song School Spanish curriculum. There is a short weekly instructor video to watch to go along with worksheets. We will sing songs, listen to books in English then Spanish, watch movies in Spanish with English subtitles and play various games that incorporate that week’s vocabulary words. Not required but available to purchase online is the cd of the curriculums songs they will be singing each week that reinforces the vocabulary words.

Class Length: 12 weeks, year long

Homework: No

Prerequisites: Able to blend 3 letter words level of reading

Book: None

Supplies: Folder, pencil, scissors, crayons/pencils/or markers

Fees: $10

American Sign Language 1 (5th-12th)

Teacher: Kay Drake

Description: Students will progress in their knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture from fingerspelling the alphabet to being able to communicate more complex concepts.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Prerequisites: None

Book: Basic Course in American Sign Language by  Tom Humphries. Available on Amazon, new or used. The ISBN is 978-0932666420. It has a red spiral binding.

Supplies: Folder for supplemental pages that may be provided by teacher; pencil or pen

Fee: $30

Hebrew Beginnings (5th-12th)

Teacher: Elizabeth Fisher

Description:Hebrew Beginnings is a Hebrew introductory course focusing on the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, the use of Hebrew words in Scripture, and the Hebrew Names of God. In this class, we will study the Hebrew alphabet, its origins, and the meanings behind each letter. We will use two websites for reference: and

On certain days, the students will receive one or two homemade butter cookies imprinted with the letter we’re studying that day. Each semester, students will be provided with a calligraphy pen, a textbook, a workbook, and worksheets. Occasionally, we will study a Jewish holiday and enjoy at least one food incorporated in its celebration. Please inform me of any food allergies your child may experience.

Our study will include: the Hebrew alphabet, including pictograms and numbers; the Hebrew forms of several of the Names of God; typologies of Jesus found in the Old Testament; instruction in using to study the Bible, specifically how to find the Hebrew words and roots from which the text in the Old Testament has been translated into English; instruction in using to study Hebrew and to learn more about the history and meaning of Hebrew letters and words.

This class is 16 weeks long each semester; however, the Hebrew alphabet will be taught during the 12-week section of each semester; during the additional four weeks, we will be studying the Hebrew calendar and its seven major holidays. If you are enrolling a younger child who has only 12-week classes, he or she is welcome to attend this class during only the 12-week sections.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Prerequisites: None

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: Pencil with an eraser

Fees: $40

HS French (9th-12th)

Teacher: Penny Webster

Description: The class will be learning French vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 1-2 hours

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies: First Start French–Book 1 & corresponding CDs by Danielle Schultz. Found at Book HERE and CDs HERE

{NOTE: There is a “kit” that contains the Teacher’s Guide, which the student will not need. No need to purchase the kit. Just the student workbook and cds.}

Fees: $35