Ancient History (3rd-6th)

Teacher: Ashley Schooley

Description: We will be using The Good and Beautiful History Year 1 Curriculum1. This semester we will be covering Unit 1 which is Ancient History. This curriculum puts an emphasis on God and character with a family style learning which allows for children of all ages to be able to learn along together. We will be utilizing lectures, stories, games and student work in their own explorers notebook.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Homework: None

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies:  Pencil, crayons, scissors, glue

Fees: $15


Liberty Kids Study (PreK-2nd)

Teacher: Michelle Blanchette

Description: This is a year long class. We will watch two episodes of Liberty’s Kids each week then talk for the remaining of the class about what was watched. This provides four weeks extra (because there are 40 episodes) so intermingled during the year we will have projects we will complete.

Class Length: 12 weeks, year long

Prerequisites: None

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: Pillow if desired.

Fees: $15

Famous Kansans (3rd-6th)

Teacher: Penny Webster

Description: We will learn about famous people from Kansas and their contribution to history.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies: Pencils

Fees: $25

Shipwrecks! (3rd-6th)

Teacher: Davette Dean

Description: Each week we’ll look at a different famous shipwreck, such as the Vasa, Titanic, Hunley, Bismarck, Edmund Fitzgerald, Antikythera, etc.

Some examples of things we’ll do is watch informational videos, experiments such as learning how bulkheads work (or fail!), make our own compasses, use coordinates to play battleship, send messages in Morse code, use Google Earth to find visible shipwrecks, listen to shipwreck songs, create a newspaper report for our favorite shipwreck disaster, and watch the shipwreck movie “The Cay” based on the middle grade novel by Theodore Taylor.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Homework: None

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies: Pencils, colored pencils, scissors, (clear 1 liter bottles if you use them, collect them for me!)

Fees: $18

Significant Battles of History (5th-8th)

Teacher: Ben Zorn

Description: A walk through important battles throughout history.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: none

Book: none

Supplies: Paper and folder

Fees: TBD

From Adam to Us: MS World History (6th-8th)

Teacher: Kaye Obermeyer

Description: This is a Middle School world history course that begins when God created the world and tells the story of mankind into the twenty-first century. Each unit focuses on each of these topics: Our World Story, Daily Life, World Landmark, God’s Wonder, and World Biography. Students will explore the history of the entire globe, learning about each continent and what has happened there over the centuries.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 2-3 hours

Prerequisites: None

Book: From Adam to Us Curriculum Package, and the Student Workbook / Lesson Review books from Notgrass History, 1-800-211-8793

Supplies: Pencil, notebook paper, 3-ring binder

Fee: $30