Quiet Time (PreK & K)

Teacher: Alex Willems

Description: Wind-down class. Snack, sensory play and show or audio book while resting. The goal is to allow our littlest learners to have a calm hour where they can rest and reset.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: Blankie or special lovey if needed.

Fees: $7

**CLOSED** Cook w/Books (1st-4th)

Teacher: Cherise Eutsler

Description: We’ll read a book and make a snack that goes along with the book. Students will learn some basic cooking skills and will get to be creative in making their own snack. I’ll try to adapt for children with food allergies but may ask that parents provide an alternative snack option.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Homework: None

Prerequisites: none

Book: none

Supplies: None

Fee: $20

Foundations in Career Discovery (9th-12th)

Teacher: Carrie Corliss

Description: This course will help high school students understand who they are and how to choose a career that best fits what they were born to do. It will help them stand out in the job market. Starting with building a foundation based on their talents, passions, and mission, students will learn what it takes to get qualified to do work they love, how to connect with people that’ll guide and mentor them along their journey, and how to get started serving others with their unique contribution.

Each student will need the digital curriculum and have their own login information for the first day of class. It can be purchased for $44.99 HERE. This includes the Get Clear Career Assessment for Students (a $30 value included in the course for free).

Class Length: 16 weeks

Prerequisites: none

Homework: 1-2 hours

Book: Digital Curriculum HERE

Supplies: Laptop or tablet to use in class, pen or pencil

Fee: $5

Yearbook (9th-12th)

Teacher: Alexis Fulton

Description: Be on the yearbook editor team!

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Prerequisites: none

Homework: none

Book: none

Supplies: Laptop computer brought to class each week. Internet at home.

Fee: $10

Fun & Friendship (1st-4th)

Teacher: Nicol Ames

Description: Students will learn social skills and practice building friendships through play.

Class Length: 12 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Homework: None

Book: None

Supplies: Comfortable clothes and shoes for running/playing.

Fees: $5