Historical Figures in American History (3rd-6th)

Teacher: Edward Blanchette

Description: This class will provide a snapshot of some major heroes and villains of American History that either strengthened or weakened our country. This semester will focus primarily on men and women during and directly after the founding of our country.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Prerequisites: none

Book: none

Supplies:Pencil, paper, glue, scissors, crayons, 3 ring binder or folder

Fee: $15

Exploring World Geography (9th-12th)

Teacher: Kaye Obermeyer

Description: EXPLORING WORLD GEOGRAPHY is a high school course that describes and explains the world God created. It tells the story of our physical world, but is a study of worldview as well. Students will look at how the physical world made a difference in what the people have done and how the people made a difference in the physical world. Maps and study cover every country of the world.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Homework: 4 or more hours

Prerequisites: None

Book: EXPLORING WORLD GEOGRAPHY Curriculum, and the Student Review Pack; order at NOTGRASS.COM/EGEO

Supplies: Pencils, Ink pens, notebook paper (college rule), assigned books

Fees: $30

Trip Around the World (K-2nd)

Teacher: Amanda Post

Class Length: 12 weeks

Description: In this class, we will use crafts and hands on activities to learn about different countries around the world. We will learn about their flags, customs, foods, and more!

Homework: None

Prerequisites: None

Book: None

Supplies:Pencil, crayons/colored pencils, glue, scissors

Fee: $5