Intro to Music Theory & Choir (5th-12th)

Teacher: Michelle Blanchette

Description: My goal is for students to have access to a choir class but not just to sing. I want them to understand music theory and the reasons as to why God instituted music. Simply put, it was for us to praise and glorify Him. Along with bookwork, they will memorize some KJV scriptures about music as well as learn some songs that will be sung at the closing program. No matter what level of music experience the student has, all students will start the class with this book which can be purchased from Amazon. This book needs to be purchased before class begins.

*I have taught this class before so your student may have had this class already. The book is very similar but we will be singing different songs.

Class Length: 16 weeks, year long

Prerequisite: None

Homework: 0-30 minutes

Book: (Amazon)

Supplies: Above book and a pencil.

Fee: $15